Adam boltz

Co-Founder and Partner

The co-founder with the deep engineering background, Adam has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science.  He has worked on a wide variety of sites ranging from simple web presence sites to some of the most complex custom solutions to internet-scale problems.  He’s proficient in several programming languages including Java, Python, C#, PHP, SQL, and more.  His passion is technology and using it creatively to solve problems.  When he’s not working on professional and personal tech projects, Adam is a volunteer tutor and enjoys training for and racing in triathlons.

Mike spears

Co-Founder and Partner

The co-founder with the creative background, Mike has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production. He has worked with numerous companies on graphic design, video editing and website design. Mike has worked as an Entertainment Director and Production Manager for Holland America Line, where he was responsible for the print, digital media, branding and stage performances throughout. Mike can always be found between creating new ideas and executing tasks for clients.